Inspiring typography: Design sites to bookmark

There are thousands of great design and development themed websites around, but it’s surprising how many hold back on typography to let images and tutorials take centre stage. So we’ve put together a list of sites that make careful, creative use of text and text effects across all kinds of themes.

If you haven’t got them in your feed reader or bookmarks list already, they’re definitely worth adding as, in addition to some fantastic fonts and styling inspiration, they offer a wealth of advice covering everything from Photoshop shortcuts to CSS tips through high-quality articles and how-tos.


Codrops has a great mix and match style. Rather than simply sticking to the cursive text of its beautifully designed logo, it makes use of strong sans-serif titles and subheadings with an emphasis on full capitalisation.


The confident, careful use of spacing and positioning of elements means this site looks striking and is still very reader-friendly.


Chris Spooner is widely known for his attention to detail, and it shows in every evolution of the Spoongraphics blog. Every element of the typography, from images to comment replies, has been styled thoughtfully and effectively.


Spoongraphics is one we’ve always got our eye on – it’s a great source of inspiration for design and typography techniques.

Design Shack

One of the best design blogs around, Design Shack’s reputation has been built on high-quality, practical articles and debates for web professionals. When it comes to typography, Design Shack plays it safe with simple, readable fonts. The gallery section is worth checking out for more experimentational uses of text.


Don’t forget to check out Design Shack’s text effect tutorials too – they’re well worth a look if you’re a Photoshop or Illustrator addict.

You The Designer

You The Designer showcases excellent examples of web design as well as providing plenty of advice and information for web enthusiasts. It’s been redesigned fairly recently and now uses emphatic, angular fonts across the board.


It’s a bold choice of typographic style and may not appeal to all, but we think that You The Designer pulls it off.


The sister publication to Smashing Magazine, Noupe sticks to the same font for all the elements of its posts, relying on sizing, formatting and styling to provide variation. This consistency works well to pull all aspects of posts together.


Noupe’s logo is worth checking out, as is the interaction between post fonts, sidebar title fonts and the main logo. All work together in harmony thanks to the minimal colour variations and clever positioning.

My Ink Blog

It’s not as well-known as the other sites that made our list, but My Ink Blog is one to add to your favourites list. Whilst the use of typography in posts is pretty standard fare, we picked out My Ink blog because of its fantastic logo. The natural temptation would be to do something creative with the ligature of the ‘g’ in ‘blog’, but we love the cursive ‘Ink’ – it works incredibly well.


It’s not just the typography that makes it look good though – the yellow on black combo is striking but professional-looking.


Another brainchild of Chris Spooner, Line 25 has a beautiful, clean design which is reflected in the use of fonts and positioning just as much as the imagery. It’s an excellent site to visit if you’re looking for inspiration for making your website easy on the eyes.


The simple, calming design allows content to take centre stage whilst retaining a personal, non-template feel.


Showing that masculine, angular typefaces and use of capitalisation are trendy at the moment is This Portuguese website should be on your favourites list as it regularly showcases stunning examples of design and typography.


What are your favourite sources of typographic inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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