How to create vintage text

Vintage design has been a popular style for websites and online projects for a while now, and creating vintage text is a useful skill to have. As ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ styles are pretty interchangeable and relaxed when it comes to the web – covering the Victorian era, the 1950s, and everything in between – you can learn plenty of versatile text skills in the process.

The following tutorials have been carefully selected to maximise the variety of effects you can learn and/or adopt. Some are more testing and complex than others, so whatever level you’re coming in at, you should find at least one tutorial you’re comfortable with.

With that said, let’s get on with the vintage text tutorials!

Vintage Typography

Not your typical vintage typography, this tutorial shows you how to make stand-out text with a dark, gritty feel.


Vintage Postcard

A great example of how text can really drive the focus of an image. Perfect for that retro ’50s American feel.



This simple yet distinct effect can be easily adapted to produce a wide range of retro-style effects.


Vintage Text

Another simple yet effective way to present your text, this tutorial provides clear instructions on creating your own stand-out vintage tect.


Retro arcade text effect

Old school gaming fans will love this classic arcade-inspired text.


The Sugar Bag Effect

This surprisingly simple tutorial is based around using the right retro font for your design. Classic, and effective.


Wavy Text Tutorial

This brightly coloured text is a great way to grab attention and get your work noticed.


Vintage Typography

A detailed tutorial from the excellent Abduzeedo, this type makes for a fantastic logo.


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