7 of the best free font websites

Fonts are the backbone of design, and a good design can become a legendary one with the use of the right fonts and styles.

It’s a good idea to refresh your font collection from time to time for inspiration and to ensure you don’t get stuck in a typography rut.

Here’s a list of our top seven favourite websites to download or implement free fonts.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is one of our top picks, not least because all the fonts can be used commercially for free. The site has a fantastic range of all different kinds of fonts, so the hardest part will be narrowing your options down for a single design.

Font Squirrel’s fonts are also incredibly well-categorised, so it’s worth searching through the categories for a particular font style to save time looking through your own collection.


Lost Type

Lost Type is different from your typical font site in that it works on a donation basis. All the money goes to the font designers, and since a ridiculous amount of work is required to make a font, this can only be a good thing. Lost Type’s collection of fonts is small but striking, with a clear emphasis on quality.


Da Font

Another website with a huge collection of free fonts, Da Font is an excellent resource for designers. You can test fonts before you download them – perfect if you want to see what a particular title or character set looks like.


Font Space

With an impressive 20,000+ fonts, Font Space should be one of your top go-to websites for fonts. Clear licensing for each font and a short personal message from the creator makes the site stand out from other font resources on the web.


1001 Fonts

You can lose many hours of your life on
1001 Fonts…but it’s time well spent! One of our favourite things about this site is that it’s just so easy to download fonts. You can do it in a click without any need to register an account or mess around with logins.


Google Fonts

Unlike the other websites in the list, Google Fonts is a resource for locating and using fonts for the web, rather than on your local machine. This is a fantastic resource that has grown massively over the years, and we make use of Google Fonts here on the Text Effects website to add that something extra. Our top tip is to search for downloadable versions of the Google Web Fonts you use so you can consistently apply effects and structure throughout both your image and web-based design.


Urban Fonts

Last but not least on our list is Urban Fonts, a lesser known font resource but still one worth checking out, particularly if you’re looking for fonts that aren’t seen very much around the Internet.


Did we miss any great free font sites? Which would you recommend? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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