10 top typography infographics

Combining beautiful type with interesting facts, these infographics are some of the best typography, font face and text themed informational images we’ve seen on the web.

Read on to see them all…

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The Psychology of Fonts

Find out what your choice of font says about you with this easy to digest infographic by Weemss.


Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love

Statistics from a survey of web designers were used to make this handy infographic. As well as seeing if you’re on trend, it’s also a good opportunity to extend your current font collection.


Serif vs. Sans: The Final Battle

A great reference image depicting the differences between serif and sans-serif font types. If you know your font types inside out, this is still a great image to pass on to a beginner.


Web Safe Fonts

Keep this handy cheat sheet to hand so you know which fonts you can use safely on the web.


Font Perfect: Guide to Professional Typography Service

This whistle-stop tour of typography gives you the quick tips you need to learn the fundamentals of fonts.


A History of Typography

This great infographic by Design by Soap guides you through the human history of typography, starting with pictograms and ending with the web.



Learn the key definitions, the difference between a font and a typeface, and how to avoid common typography mistakes with this handy image.


Typography: Bold and Justified

A beautiful and detailed infographic covering the use of fonts in design and how web designers can make the most of them.


Alternating Font Sizes

Something a little different, this infographic is a visual guide to presenting text on infographics and incorporates best practice tips.


Top 100 Fonts of All Time

Last but not least, this fabulous image isn’t strictly an infographic, but we’ve included it because of the research and care that’s gone into it. Displaying the top one hundred fonts of all time, this image is a great reference tool and worth bookmarking.


Keep an eye out for part two in this series of typography themed infographics, coming soon!

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